Pixie Stix


Looks like fun, right? Probably. But a tube of powdered candy of that size might as well be a loaded gun. It’s frickin dangerous. I know.

When I was thirteen and tried putting the whole mega-Pixie Stick worth of flavored sugar in my mouth, I laughed and inhaled and the moisture in my throat hardened the sugar into a moist sugar ball lodged squarely in my trachea.

One my friends knew the Heimlich maneuver and managed to dislodge the bright blue coagulation into a psychedelic pool of vibrantly scarlet regurgitated Big Red Cola. It was the last time I touched either Pixie Stix or Big Red.

It wasn’t my time but I think, when I’m ready, that is exactly how I want to go.

3 Replies to “Pixie Stix”

  1. What’s that kid doing with the Pixie Stick is what I have to ask – from the look on there faces the one on the right appears to be about to ram the entire thing (tube and all) straight down the others throat.

  2. That must have been some serious mojo!
    I still have the same thing happen to me when I eat one of those mega pixie stiks.
    BTW, where can one buy the mega pixies today?
    – doug

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