Trust your technolust.

"Trust your technolust." from Hackers (1995)If you’ve ever lusted for a “Trust your technolust.” poster like the one seen in background of the climactic sequence in the 1995 film Hackers, you’re in luck. Just print this PDF template (also an SVG) onto a piece of yellow US letter paper.

Although I’m not even the first person I know to reproduce the poster, I did spend some time making sure that I got the typeface, kerning, wordspacing, and placement on the page just right. I figured I would share.

5 Replies to “Trust your technolust.”

  1. Not quite.

    The ‘u’ in ‘your’ and final ‘t’ in ‘technolust’ are aligned perfectly in your version, but (unless I’m seeing things wrong) not so in the movie shot you reproduced above.

    If it has to be perfect, you’ve still got some work left to do :-)

    1. I think there’s perspective stuff that makes it appear that way a little bit. But you’re also totally right and I’ve updated the version so that it fixes the issue. :) I also noticed that the SVG renders wrong in the browser. It looks great in Inkscape.

  2. Yes. Yes yes yes. Thank you for your hard work. I will find some yellow paper to get this printed well.

  3. what is the type? I’m assuming some stock type in whatever document program was the commonplace one at the time?

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