Perfect Timing

Only once in my life have I lost my keys and returned home late at night and found myself in a situation where I needed to climb my apartment building’s back-alley fire escape and "break in" to my own apartment.

Only once in my life has there been a Hollywood movie, complete with cameras, floodlights, and dozens of people, being shot in my building’s back alley.

In an ideal world, they would have fallen on different nights.

2 Replies to “Perfect Timing”

  1. There was a key a the door in the mailbox but I didn’t have the key to the key.

    I ended up hanging out on the movie set for a little while and then basically crowbarring the mailbox open enough that I could slip my hand in and the get the key. Then I had to bend the mailbox back into shape.

    It was not ideal. I was returning from several weeks away and had a large bag and everything.

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