Unhappy Birthday

Because a birthday that involves copyright infringement is an Unhappy Birthday…

In a fit of copyright high-protectionist fervor, I whipped up Unhappy Birthday last night. Many thanks to Seth Schoen who helped save me from my own atrocious spelling, grammar, and thinkos.

The site is a commentary on the fact that the song Happy Birthday To You is under an actively enforced copyright held by Time Warner. This site gives folks the tools and information they need to report unauthorized public performances of that work wherever they may occur.

If educating people and upholding the principle of copyright means risking a DoS of ASCAP’s licensing enforcement infrastructure, that’s a risk I’m willing to take. Please join me and spread the word! Unhappy Birthday is more fun when more people play.

The site is online at: http://www.unhappybirthday.com

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  1. Mako, I saw you quoted in a post on boing boing!  good luck on this project keep in touch.  Crrrrazy

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