No Gods, No Masters Degrees

"No gods, no masters," is a phrase commonly associated with anarchism.

If I go back to school, I would like to get PhD and not bother with a MA or MS. I feel this way because I enjoy doing research and that’s usually easier in a doctoral program. I think it would be fun to tell people that I am choosing a doctorate degree because I am anarchist and am politically opposed to Masters.

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  1. I hate to spoil it, but generally, in doctoral programs, don’t you usually do work towards a PhD with credit towards a Masters?  Then, for example, 2 years into the program (time depending on the program), you get an MA if you have met the requirements (the assumption being, of course, that the work toward the PhD obviously meets the requirements of an MA).  I know plenty of people who went into doctoral programs and bombed after receiving a masters….

  2. say…are you an anarchist, by any chance?

    just asking. as for me, i’m a lost situationist looking for good compiling times, and situations dĂ©tourned. is all.

  3. I’d like to disagree. :P ,,No gods, no masters” is not a definition of anarchism. Freedom is. It’s normal that you’ll have some sort of master. It may be your boss, your gf or someone else. The difference is that there’s a master, that you selected, and there’s a master who claim to be your master, but you don’t see why. ;-)

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