Remembering Push Singh

I haven’t blogged recently and have been somewhat quiet and out of touch over the last few weeks more generally. I’ve certainly been busy but have also been trying to find words to describe the recent death of my friend and colleague, Push Singh.

Push was a next-door neighbor at the Media Lab, an academic neighbor in the Electronic Publishing research group, and a neighbor in my building at home. If you’ve come to parties at the Acetarium, chances are you met him. Push was an up-and-coming AI researcher and something of a protege of Marvin Minsky. He had recently accepted an appointment to the MIT Faculty starting next year. His loss has come as quite a shock to everyone, to say the very least.

Last Thursday was the last of several organized memorial services for Push and it now seems that its time for those of us effected by his death to get back to our lives.

Rather than poorly summarizing Push and his impact on me here, I can point you some of the things that I and others said about him on a wiki page we have created to collect remembrances and in the obituary published in MIT Tech Talk.

Push will be missed and I will continue to mourn his loss.

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  1. I met him at an Acetarium event and was deeply impressed with his attention and interest to all sorts of detail as well as his soft and kind manner.

    How did he die?

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