Maybe Not

I saw an advertisement for PubCon today. It merely listed their name and their slogan/motto/catchphrase: "We start where other conferences finish."

I thought about that for a second until I figured it out. Where do other conferences finish? Obviously, they finish at the pub! Hell, any decent conference will they finish in the pub not just once but every night. What a great idea! Why not just avoid the whole conference bit altogether and just go to the pub in big groups of like-minded people!

It turns out, it’s just some gathering for anyone "involved in the production, marketing, or management of a internet web site."

Very disappointing. I will not go. You shouldn’t either.

If I remember and have time when PubCon is Boston (unlikely, remind me if you like the idea) — April 18-20, 2006 — I will try to organize my own PubCon, which will actually start where other conferences (including PubCon it turns out) finish.

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  1. I read this design paper that I forget the name of where the author speaks of how he organized a design conference but didn’t schedule any events for the conference except meals and “pub time”. Since the atendees were intelligent people and interested in what each other’s projects, the conference was a huge success. The organizer got requests to have more in the future.

    Speaking of, where are the Debian developer pubcons in NYC? There’s plenty of pubs…

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