RubyVote 0.2

I kicked a new version of RubyVote out the door last week. This version has support of Instant Runoff Voting contributed by Alexis Darrasse. Thanks! I’m not a huge IRV fan but others are so it’s important to have it in the library.

There’s a gemified version with range voting plus an improved IRV implementation that may have landed in the SVN repository by the time you read this. I’ll release another version in the next week or so once everything has settled.

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  1. hey awesome.  did you know josh is doing tons of stuff w/ Ruby (on rails!) he might be interested in that project, even if you don’t need help just to check it out.

    when are you guys gonna come visit!  (i know, i know, we owe you a visit too)  being a grownup sucks when you can’t see your friends.

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