My Balkan Tour

I recently mentioned that I would visiting some friends at mi2 in Zagreb and would be traveling around the Balkans a bit to give some talks and workshops. Here’s what the current plan includes:

  • Novi Sad (November 20, at 20:00): I’ll be participating in a discussion of hacker culture at CK13.
  • Novi Sad (November 21-22 16:00-21:00): There will be a System.hack() exhibition which I helped prepare some of the text for and which I’ll be on-hand for. It will include a narrated history of hacking through six objects. The exhibition will be held in an room of the Mediteraneo Hotel in Novi Sad.
  • Belgrade (November 23 20:00): Another discussion on hacker culture, this time at Rex.
  • Belgrade (November 23-24 17:00-20:00): System.hack() will be exhibited again in a room of the Kasina Hotel.
  • Ljubljana (November 26, Time TBD): I’ll be giving a talk on free software project management at Kiberpipa/Cyberpipe
  • Zagreb (December 3): I’ll giving a talk in the giving a talk in the g33koscope lecture series. The topic and time are still undecided.

If you’re in Novi Sad, Belgrade, Ljubljana, or Zagreb and would like to meet up, please consider coming to the events and exhibitions. If you can, and especially if you can not but would like to meet up anyway, feel free to drop me an email and let’s try to organize a meeting.

Thanks go to Tomislav Medak and Marcell Mars who organized System.hack(), this whole tour, and who helped do the work to bring me over. I’m looking forward to the next couple weeks.

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  1. It’s weird. I expected to visit Skopje but I guess the schedule just didn’t work out this time. Next time, for sure. It seems likely that I’ll be back in May.

  2. I hope that everything works out, and we will be seeing you in May.

    Have a nice time on your Balkan tour, Zagreb, Ljubljana and Novi Sad are great.

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