Because my job at the University of Washington makes me a government employee, I try to follow state rules to use my UW email and mailing address for, but only for, correspondence related to my work as a UW faculty member (e.g., teaching and UW-supported research). Please don't just email both of my email addresses in an attempt to get my attention. If you think I have missed your message, go ahead and email me again. I miss things sometimes and I don't mind reminders.


Physical Addresses:

Please realize that I travel extensively so physical mail can be unreliable.

I currently live in Extraordinary Least Squares. Please visit that home webpage for details and directions. If you want to send postal mail, our address is:

2408 Delmar Dr E
Seattle, WA, 98102

If you are going to visit me at my office at the University of Washington, you can use this map to find my office (CMU 227):

Communications Building (CMU) 227
University of Washington
Seattle, WA, 98195

However, if you are going to send any postal mail or packages, please send to this to my UW mailing address:

University of Washington
Dept. of Communication, Box 353740
Seattle, WA, 98195


  • (+1) 206-409-7191 (Primary/SMS)


  • mako on OFTC (
  • mako on FreeNode (
  • mako on Indymedia (

Instant Message:

  • XMPP/Jabber/GTalk (Preferred):
  • XMPP/Jabber/GTalk:
  • GTalk:

Communicating Securely

Whenever possible, I recommend that everyone communicating with me use encryption for authentication and to ensure that our conversations stay between us. For email, I use the GNU Privacy Guard (GPG) and for chat (IM and IRC), I use Off-The-Record messageing (OTR).

GPG Keys:

Please update both keys from public keyservers and carefully check the signatures on each key.

  • RSA Key (4096 bit): F5852F4E (Fingerprint: E9A2 71C0 7196 4891 AA57 663D 9EA3 3414 F585 2F4E) [Preferred Key]
  • DSA Key (1024 bit): 607559E6 (Fingerprint: E644 5A65 5AF8 1C0F 9DEC A735 89CD 4B21 6075 59E6)

Off The Record (OTR) fingerprints:

  • [General IM] 98EE43BD 798F2FF2 7DA506D5 6E44D3B0 88BD0538
  • [IRC] 8C0D1E7E 445E4E52 1627A40E 60014B9C 2EC91E20
  • [IRC] 9227EF70 E3C5A67E ACEE9980 EC0FCFDB ABE4F810
  • [IRC] EB567D1A F7875AF5 D09F69F2 38EC059C 0FE14853
  • [XMPP/Jabber] BAE0DEC7 C5507E6E 4297FA9A 17B1D557 7EA5AE24