About Me

I am a scholar, technologist and activist. In all three roles, I am passionate about understanding why, and when peer production succeeds. As a social scientist, my research aims to explain why some attempts to create free culture and free software result in large volunteer communities like Wikipedia and Linux—while the vast majority never attract even a second contributor. For most of my life, I have also participated in these communities. I spend most of my time consuming, and increasingly often producing, academic articles, software, blog posts, essays, books and talks.

You can follow my latest musings and projects on my weblog Copyrighteous. I microblog infrequently as mako@social.coop on Mastodon/ActivityPub and as @makoshark on Twitter.

Organizations and Affiliations

My active affiliations include:

Please see my Additional Affiliations Page for a list of my old, dormant, minor, and more advisory affiliations.

Other Webpages

  • Revealing Errors: A weblog where I try to reveal the power and influence that technology has on our lives by unpacking and analyzing errors that reveal the frequently hidden technological systems around us.
  • Wikipedia User Page: My "user page" is similar to a homepage but it's in more flux (it's a wiki after all) and tends to focus on items that are interesting to me in Wikipedia.
  • My Advogato Page where I used to keep a (very infrequently updated) diary of my work on free software projects. (no longer updated)
  • GPG Keys for use in secure communication with me.

Contact Information


General: mako@atdot.cc
Research/Teaching: makohill@uw.edu

Visit my contact information page for information on how to reach me via snailmail, phone, email, IRC, or several flavors of instant messaging.