Yukidoke Consulting

Yukidoke Consulting was established in 2002 by Benjamin Mako Hill to offer services and consulting to firms interested in building online communities with a focus on Free, Libre, and Open Source Software (FLOSS), social media, and free culture communities including wikis.

Yukidoke Consulting draws on Hill's two decades of experience as a leader in major FLOSS and free culture communities including Debian, the Free Software Foundation, Wikipedia, and as a founding member of Ubuntu, to help firms harness development methods and software proven successful in FLOSS communities. Led by Hill, Yukidoke consultants are well connected to and deeply experienced with existing FLOSS communities.

Based in Boston, Yukidoke has worked with organizations in Boston, Amherst, Seattle, San Francisco and Rome.



Benjamin Mako Hill has nearly two deacades of experience using, developing, and supporting Free and Open Source Software and other productive online communities. Detailed information can be found at:

References and Rates

References are rates are both available upon request. Reduced charity rates may be available for non-profit organizations and civil society groups.