Additional Affiliations

This page lists minor affilations or organizations where I now play more of a role of an advisor are where I am no longer actively involved in the work of the organizations or project.

  • Free Software Foundation: In addition to being an Associate Member, I was a member of the FSF's Board of Directors from 2008–2019. You can support the foundation, and support the free software movement itself, by becoming an Associate Member yourself.
  • Center for Advanced Studies in the Behavioral Sciences at Stanford University: I spent the 2018–2019 year a “Lenore Annenberg and Wallis Annenberg Fellow” in Communication at CASBS. The fellowship meant that I lived in Palo Alto while I'm pursuing my own research. It was one of the most intellectually rich and exciting years of my life in academia. You should consider applying!
  • Massachusetts Institute of Technology: For eight years (2005-2013), I was a masters student at at the MIT Media Lab, a staff researcher at the MIT Sloan School of Management, and a PhD Candidate in a self-designed joint program between Sloan and the Media Lab. My research there used the sociology of organizations and technology to study social structure in free culture and free software communities. My dissertation committee included Eric von Hippel, Yochai Benkler, Tom Malone and Mitch Resnick.
  • MIT Center for Civic Media: For several years beginning at its inception, I was a Research Fellow at the center which is associated with the MIT Media Lab and the department of Comparitive Media Studies. This is an extension of my work as a graduate student in the Media Lab's Electronic Publishing and Computing Culture research groups.
  • One Laptop per Child: I joined the MIT Media Lab when OLPC was still a research project being pursued by faculty there. In the earliest days in the project, I helped make decisions about software and community. As the project grew into its own organizations, I worked as a paid consultant to develop software and as an unpaid advisor to the project over many years.
  • ACM Professionals Board: For a number of years, I served on a new board within ACM and coordinated by Steve Bourne that aims to help ACM appeal more to computing professionals outside of the academy.
  • Yukidoke Consulting: A small consulting company I founded that offers services involving Free and Open Source software project management, release coordination, development, training and more. It's not dormant but if I begin consulting actively again, I might resurrect it.
  • Software In the Public Interest: SPI is a non-profit organization which was founded to help organizations develop and distribute open hardware and software. Debian, OFTC, PostgresSQL and a number of others are SPI member projects. I am a contributing member of SPI and `on the organization's trademark committee. I served three years (2003-2006) as an elected member of the SPI board of directors and more than a year as the organization's Vice President. I recently decided to take a break from the board.
  • The Yukidoke Project: I founded this small non-profit project devoted to providing free resources to projects for free software advocacy and development.
  • Software Freedom International: I serve on the advisory board for SFI which organizers Software Freedom Day and coordinates other free and open source software advocacy. Previously, I sat on the organization's board of directors.
  • Debian-NP (Debian-NonProfit): A (now dormant) custom Debian distribution geared to fill the needs of small nonprofit organizations in a variety of areas. I helped found and lead the project.
  • Linux User Groups: I have founded and helped lead a number of Linux User Groups as I have moved around. For the most part, I have stayed active in these groups even after I've moved away.

    • Debian NYC: A community and a mailing list that organizes social meetings, keysignings, lectures, and bug squashes for the Debian developer and user communities in New York City. I founded the group.
    • Debian Seattle: A community and a mailing list with goals identical the Debian-NYC but based in Seattle, WA. I founded the group.
    • Debian Boston: A community and a mailing list with goals identical the Debian-NYC but based in Cambridge and Boston, MA. I revived the group after a period of dormancy.
    • The Five College Linux User Group: I am a founder and member.