Free Culture Distilled for Free Software Folks

I’ve posted an an article on my website called Free Culture Advanced which I wrote for the last edition of the Free Software Foundation Members’ Bulletin which went out several months ago. The bulletin is one of things you get when you become an associate member of the FSF.

The article makes the case for free culture and a freedom definition in terms that are directed to and I hope will resonate with folks from the free software community. I’ve posted versions of the article in HTML, PDF, and LaTeX.

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  1. Thanks for sharing that; coherent and readable. I see the difference in approaches as FSF focusing on what benefits the community of users and developers, whereas CC focuses on the feelings of the individual creator, ironically not making a strong argument for the good of the commons at all.

    “Other projects are underway to provide buttons that users of qualifying CC licenses can use to explicitly reference their ethical motivations when they reference the license of their work” – out of curiosity, what is that in reference to?

  2. I appreciated the article “Free Culture Advanced.”  The article does a great job explaining the CC and contrasting with FS. 

    I was a bit curious as to the copyright on the copyrighteous blog? I could not find any other notice then the (c) in the lower right hand corner.  It this an intentional choice, if so why?

    Brian Rowe
    – this comment is dedicated to the public domain

    the link to from the article is giving a 404 error because the URL is directed to

  3. Brian: There are a series of reason why I’ve not put this blog under an explicit license although inertia is one reason. I frequently include content/images under other licenses, reproduce copyrighted content,  and find it hard to commit to a single license for every post.

    If there is something you want to use, please send me a line and I will, in all likelihood, be happy to grant permission to use it under the CC BY-SA license and, potentially, under more permissive licenses as well.

    Thanks for the hint about the link.

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