3 thoughts on “UPS, I Did It Again”

  1. It’s my understanding that you pronounce whatever has the least number of syllables, and if there’s a tie you pronounce the full phrase.  Which is why people refer to Los Angeles by its initials but not in the case of New York.

  2. Hey Mako,

    another subject I’m leading (Network UPS Tools).

    As a side note, I’m working on bridging NUT to HAL in order to get out of the box support for USB ones:
    you plug your ooops, et voila, you’re protected.
    And you get the added value of using gnome-power-mgr and the like…

    I hope you have a NUT friendly unit (MGE is the only one at the moment), but check (and relay maybe) the current call to users:

    bye fellow

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