3 Replies to “UPS, I Did It Again”

  1. Hey Mako,

    another subject I’m leading (Network UPS Tools).

    As a side note, I’m working on bridging NUT to HAL in order to get out of the box support for USB ones:
    you plug your ooops, et voila, you’re protected.
    And you get the added value of using gnome-power-mgr and the like…

    I hope you have a NUT friendly unit (MGE is the only one at the moment), but check (and relay maybe) the current call to users:

    bye fellow

  2. It’s my understanding that you pronounce whatever has the least number of syllables, and if there’s a tie you pronounce the full phrase.  Which is why people refer to Los Angeles by its initials but not in the case of New York.

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