Never Too Late!

I’ve always thought it was a little silly that airports use their public announcement systems to give advice on how, and how not, passengers should pack their luggage. Presumably, travelers arrive airports with their bags packed.

Last time I was at Boston’s Logan Airport, I noticed that they were repeatedly playing these announcements in the baggage claim.

Author: Benjamin Mako Hill

Rebel with rather too many causes. And your host!

1 thought on “Never Too Late!”

  1. Mako, most Americans pack their bags pretty well because they’d be kicked off the plane otherwise.  I’ve noticed lots of flyers in other countries could use advice in packing — some day I’ll dig my photos of the stunningly massive and overflowing and strapped down suitcases of the imported labor in the Qatar airports.  Lots of Africans and Asians whose only plane flight in their lives was to go from their village to the oil fields, and then haul all their booty back in carryon.

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