5 thoughts on “Lamp Stores”

  1. I thought a picture of a fuzzy blue hat brought me to your site…but this post has proven it was, in fact, fate. I’ve harbored the same unease for yeeeeears, but no one seemed to get it.

    When I pass a lamp store, my mind inexorably does the following: 1. Thinks, “Oooo, pretty…” and 2. Imagines my stepping inside and, in a sudden spastic fit of ineptitude, breaking every – single – lamp – in the store.

    Rather relieved now to know I may not be alone… Heh.

  2. Maybe it’s cause if you hear the word “LAMP” your primary thoughts are with some servers. Entering a shop expecting some Linux boxes but instead get a big flash of light in your face makes you uncomfortable.
    I am no doctor, but it seems plausible to me ;).

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