6 Replies to “Shades of Google”

  1. This would be a good idea if it was to save people’s eyes instead of electricity. The white background used on most sites is really hard on the eyes and they usually aren’t designed well enough to accept user specified defaults in the browser (Images often don’t use transparency but mimic it by just using the same color as the site’s background).

  2. Funny that not a single one of these is anywhere near as efficient as using the Stylish Firefox extension to change the look of Google.com to something way more aesthetically pleasing (as well as allegedly being greener). I mean, these people have all purchased domains and are using extra traffic… the consolidation offered by Stylish is impressive by comparison.

    Also, at Paul: modifying your display’s color temperature, whether at the hardware or software level, should substantially reduce eye strain. Try to warm up the colors, for instance, and your eyes shouldn’t get tired quickly.

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