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  1. I remember at one point in the discussion Tuomo was saying how old and broken the ion3 package in debian was… At the time, I was running ion3 on sarge.  My uptime on one machine was over a year, and I had been logged into X with ion3 running the entire time… I don’t know why he couldn’t just leave it alone :)

  2. Thanks for the link; I’ve been flitting around between window-managers lately, and it’s always nice to have an excuse to fritter away another hour trying a new one.

    I like the idea of tritium (i.e. ion3, but free-er and in python), but it doesn’t look like it’s ready for use – unless you’re happy fixing bugs as you go, and reading the source in lieu of documentation. Guess it’s something I’ll take another look at in 6 months or so, and see how it’s matured.
    Meanwhile, I’ll be back to using xmonad. Doesn’t have tabbing (unless you install an extension), but it does have a very nice way of reorganizing windows into alternative layouts, and does tiling pretty well.

  3. Tuomo’s problem is called ego.

    These guys are problematic, they place their ego on top of the list.

    But actually, his point is not totally wrong. A lot of things just suck. (So does Ion by the way ;> )

  4. Right on! (unfortunately)

    And to the GNOME suggestion, we’re talking window managers here (compare to Metacity or Compiz).  And oh how a tiling window manager (like ion and tritium) makes so much more sense that what you might be used to.

    Every notice how now application manages its windows like your conventional window manager?  It tiles them!  Why then is that not the answer for your desktop as well?

  5. Wow, today so far:
    * I misread your post and thought you were nominating the guy that made the fork.
    * Thought I became deaf on one ear because I somehow managed to turn down volume on right speaker output without noticing it (does KMix have any shortcuts I don’t know of?). Trust me, it sounds stupid but you get a huge shock from it.
    * Filling up my media partition thus slowing down the system as it has to deal with little, fragmented chunks now. And no cash for new HDD
    * New: Akismet rejecting this comment here.

    I’d better go to bed now O_o

  6. Hahaha, you are just a luser.

    Better to work with someone like Tuomo (vision + skills), than to stick with those Debian lusers (to which you point) that are not really “developers” only packagers and that just fall short every single fucking time.

  7. 1. Michael: No, Tritium is not stable. It’ll be half gone in 12.32 years. snerk You could start another more stable window manager called Helium3. snerk again

    2. hooray for xmonad. it’s got more extensions than dwm. i use it. i avoid clashing hotkeys by making the CapsLock key into Mod3 and making Mod3 the modifier for my xmonad commands. hooray for no CapsLock. :)

    3. oh that tuomov. so dramatic. and he talks about penises so much.

    4. xinerama may suck as much as tuomov says, but X does too, i’m pretty sure. we should all run plan 9.

  8. Whoa, thanks for the pointer to tritium — I’ve been following this space very closely and still hadn’t heard of it.

    I actually started working on my own tiling/Python wm: http://partiwm.org .  Will have to get in touch with the tritium folks.

    Note 1: Parti does not at this time actually manage windows in any useful way.

    Note 2: It does reduce the wm problem to the “write a GTK app” problem (client windows are just GTK widgets), so I’m hoping fixing Note 1 will be much simpler than for traditional wm designs.

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