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  1. For my whole life I’ve been unabled to write correctly following the lines.

    Since my beginning with writing (at the ages of 6), I cannot remember one single sentence who will start on one line and not finish on another.

    Call it “talent” ?

  2. i’m off the boring sort i suppose, but i really hate to leave empty space on a paper, so i try to keep the lines as straight as possible even when writing on blank paper, that way nothing goes to waste.

  3. Or perhaps Mako is perfecting the art of undiscipline via this act of undiscipline?

    On a serious note, this kind of problem is common on planets.  Anytime someone makes a large change to their blog there is a chance that the time-stamps will be updated.  This is probably why we are seeing all Mako’s posts again.

    I think Planets should have a threshold that will automatically prevent these errors from clobbering all other posts.  Some type of rate-limiting would seem to make sense.  For instance, only allow any one feed to make 5 posts a day.  This should allow the author to see the mistake (or be told about it) without a large impact on the planet.  This should be easy to implement, and will not impose a restriction on most authors.

    What do you all think?


  4. doh… I was looking for some recent post linked from planet ubuntu… and you pushed it out of both the planet, and my rss reader :)

    cyberterrorism at its fines :D

  5. Hah. I search high and low for narrow-rule paper to keep me conserving space — because I am a lot more likely to continue writing on a page that already has writing on it than to start a blank page.

    Exercise, Level II: be as free within the lines as you are without them.

    Exercise, Level III: there were lines?

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