Ubuntu Talk at BLU

Last night, I decided to check out the Boston Linux Unix webpage to find out when the next meeting would be and what the talk would be on.

To my surprise, the talk is tomorrow and is slated to be given by none other than Benjamin Mako Hill. Hmmm.

I vaguely remember agreeing to give a talk like this in general sense but don’t remember ever agreeing to a specific day. In any case, I’m not one to disappoint and am working on my slides.

If you’re interested in some post-Breezy action in Boston, please show up! If you can’t make it, I’m trying to arrange a proper release party for some point after I receive my Breezy CDs (a week or two I guess).

I’m sorry for the short notice. Of course, I’m giving the talk on short notice so I’m not too sorry. Additionally, I am missing both a class and a Media Lab sponsors dinner that I was already double booked for. You should be able to cancel up to one of your prior engagements to attend.

Information on the talk is on the BLU website. The talk will be held at MIT in E51-315.

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  1. You did a great presentation.

    Since I think I heard the vaguely remembered agreement at the previous meeting, I can understand why Jerry might have thought it was definite for this month (context: i need a next speaker) and why you might have thought it was nebulous (context: i’ll be in town for the foreseeabl so i can do it any time).

    But the timing with Breezy release was perfect.

    Triple-booked has the advantage that everyone else thinks you’re at the other other event ;-)

    Thanks for a great talk with uniquely valuable perspective.

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