Manhole Covers by Mimi and Robert Melnick

Mika and I went to the MIT Press Bookstore loading dock sale today. It provided what was, by far, the most relevant selection at any bargain book sale I’ve attended. It was two small rooms and I could have easily walked out with 100+ books that I would have read. Even with most books at three, five, or seven dollars (US), my student budget was the limiting factor.

At the sale, I bought a large coffee-table sized book called Manhole Covers by Mimi and Robert Melnick. It offers page after mesmerizing page of black and white photographs of manhole covers of all designs, shapes and sizes. At seven dollars, I felt like it was asking a lot but Mika and I decided that on a per-manhole-cover basis, the price was really unbeatable.

The price was 3.3 cents (US) per full-page manhole cover photograph if you do not account for the small thumbnails of manhole covers that pepper the books front matter.

If you are in or around Boston, you should go to their next loading dock sale — probably in the spring.

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  1. I have found a few manhole covers installed probably near 1935-1950. They are centered by a swatiska enclosed in a circle with the words “CONCORD FOUNDRY & MCH WKS”.
      Can you help me determine the origin , date , and current value of same?

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