True Power

I’ve been somewhat disappointed with the lack of community participation in some of what I feel were my most fun and potentially contagious blog entries. For example, after spending almost two hours forming a list of packages useful in writing package name poetry, not a single person added to the body of work in the genre.

I think the problem may be lack of incentive and I’ve stepped up to remedy that. I have purchased 10 Dutch Bottle Scrapers (also known as flessenlikkers or flessenschrapers in the Netherlands) and I will be giving them away as prizes for small competitions I coordinate on my blog in the near future. While they are not expensive in the Netherlands, for the rest of world, these wonderful kitchen tools are absolutely priceless.

To learn more about flessenlikkers, read the Wikipedia article I wrote on the subject. While they may not look like much, I’ve been walking around with 10 flessenlikkers in my backpack over the few days and I often feel that I’ve found the true source of ultimate power.

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  1. In the ‘pedia you write:
    > Vla is now often sold in cartons which makes
    > the need for a bottle scraper less pressing.
    > …
    > [One] group argues that the best solution to the
    > problem of remaining vla in bottles was to put
    > vla in different containers preventing the
    > problem from ever occuring

    If one buys vla in a carton, pours out half, and
    puts the carton in the fridge, the vla dries
    around the mouth of the carton with unappetizing

    I much prefer to keep left-over vla in a
    reclosable rigid bottle.  For a while there
    were returnable hard plastic vla bottles in
    the Netherlands but these have unfortunately
    been phased out.

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