Putting The Cute In…

What the Hack starts in a couple days and I’m already in the area. It promises to be a fantastic outdoor hacker summer camp.

Howver, I’m a little worried about one thing. It’s raining now. A lot. It’s basically rained every day in the last week. I feel like that many people, that much electrical power, and that much water is a bad combination.

My plan is to stick with with my friend Andreea. That way if the worst happens, at least we’ll be putting the cute in electrocute.

6 Replies to “Putting The Cute In…”

  1. Heya Mako,
    I’ll reach WTH on 28th and I’m starting to worrying for the rain…let’s bring some waterproof coat :( However I believe it’ll be a great event!

    see ya in WTH,

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  3. Add some lighting to that (according to the weather forecasts).

    BTW, good job on the ubuntu talk, it was the best presentation so far (which I attented). First presentation nobody left before the end (or was it because of the heavy rain?;))

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