Here’s a message I sent to Debian-NYC-Social:

Lots happening this week:

  1. Ubuntu, the new Debian-based distribution, is making their second release this Friday. A celebration is in order.
  2. There are a couple folks visiting town this week that need to pick up some GPG-signatures from Debian folks.
  3. It’s becoming increasingly imperative that I drink large quantities of delicious Belgian beer. I suspect some of you may be in the same situation.

We’re all busy people so lets do a 3 for 1. Lets all meet up at 630pm on Friday at what is quickly becoming the official bar of Debian-NYC-Soc. Directions are online.

I hope to see you there! Call or email me if there are any questions.

If even with its world-class International Airport, New York City is out of your reach this Friday, other Ubuntites are throwing parties in their neck of the woods.

If your city isn’t on that list, reflect for a moment on your favorite pub, cafe, or park. Then reflect on the fact that the page I linked to was a wiki. You’ll know what to do.

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