My Northeast Tour

I own a pair of lace-up leather pants (i.e., trousers, thanks) but, while it helps, the costume doesn’t make the rock star.

The Debian and Ubuntu teams that I’m on are (in a weird, dysfunctional way) slightly like rock bands. We have the long hair. We have the late nights. We have the binge drinking. Putting out a release is a bit like putting out a album.

So, to round it off, I’ve decided to go on tour. It’s a pretty wimpy tour but it’s a start. After some time locked in the studio, I’m out to promote Ubuntu’s newly released "Hoary Hedgehog" and to play a few tracks from Debian’s upcoming "Sarge" offering.

The two next stops include:

Both events promise to be relatively laid-back with manageably-sized groups that should leave enough time and space for questions, chatting, food and drink. I’ll bring key fingerprints if anyone wants to trade keys while I’m there.

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