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Many web-based forms are just online versions of paper forms. I suspect that many of online forms are now being created automatically from their printed predecessors. The fragment of the form below, which I was asked to fill out yesterday, is one reason I think this:


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  1. yes and no.  Typing your name can be legally considered a signature.  It’s not so much that they are automatically being created, but that the people are just translating the old style of paper forms to the web without rethinking if there’s a better way for them to work.

  2. David: I wrote my name in that box but I’m not sure most sane people would call it signing. :)

    Shaya: I understand that this may be legally enforceable (although that’s slightly insane). I think the translation of the old form point is right on. This was basically my point. You can type “write your name” or something. I just thought it was humorous that they were asking for something that, while I understood what they want, was under most definitions going to be very difficult to put in a text box. :)

  3. It’s a bit insulting for all thoose who sign using non-standard characters, I know plenty of people who sign in kanjii etc, I doubt it will have there name avalible even if it does support forgien characters.

  4. web form I just filled out

    Because we cannot electronically acquire your signature we must verify your request by asking the following identifying personal question. This information is used solely for verification purposes. Click here for our Privacy Policy.

    15. Please provide the first letter of your father’s first name.

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