Package Name Poetry Redux!

Yesterday, I posted an example of package name poetry. I had such a good time writing that poem that I decided to write a few more on a variety of other subjects.

If you’d like to check out the full list of package name poetry, you can visit the package name poetry webpage. You might also be interested in visiting if you’re thinking about writing some of your own and want a good wordlist to begin with and some example for inspiration:

Here are some other poems to whet your appitite:

Bash and Slash!

This is my second poem honoring the release of sarge. It’s overly harsh on a couple other distributions. In reality, I have no problems with either of the projects in question. This was really just a matter of engaging in few good natured jibes with other competing distributions.

Redboot: Greed.
File inn latrine (apoo).

Gentoo sux!
Velocity? Ne!
Crash? Yepp!

Sarg felt most tardy.
Foremost, nice.

Untitled Poem #1

Usually, the first two poems I write in any new genre or under any new set of limitations are a political poem and a sex poem. This poem is my political poem. It describes and calls for an anarcho-syndicalist violent uprising against an overzealous United States police-state using only the names of packages in Debian (which is not something, for the record, that I personally advocate):

The tripwire felt apt-Spy.
Whois kommander? FBI.

Meld worker members: Kontact.
Spread crimson mercury extract.

Guarddog toppler: Unison!
Subversion! Flamethrower! Arson!

Roundup, recover, remind.
Recite anarchist verse inn rhyme
Freedroid? Ne! Recode freemind!
Update freedom inn gnotime.

Untitled Poem #2 (Click Through To Read)

I also wrote a sex poem that that is not work safe. I think it may be the best one I’ve written but you’ll need to click here to read it.

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