Package Name Poetry

What better way is there to honor and immortalize an important event than through poetry? There is none. It is with this in mind that I set out to immortalize Sarge’s release in verse.

What more appropriate way is there to honor the Sarge release in poetry than to write the poem using the names packages in sarge? Perhaps only by further constraining the poem to a well established genre of poetry.

It was a tall order but here you have it: a proper rhyming limerick honoring Sarge’s release composed entirely of words that are also packages in Sarge. It tries to describe my happiness as I read the Sarge release announcement email:

Woody: the stone and the jail.
Dynamite newsflash. Coolmail!
"Sarg: Happy Birthday!"
Thy cruft thrust away!
Bonsai! Foremost odyssey: Ale.

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