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  1. That’s pretty poor taste, considering the atrocities that the Chetniks committed in the most recent Balkan war.

  2. Where did you find him? You can find more. This is their style. Richard has it, but I don’t think this funny.

    (I am from Serbia)

  3. The labels are swapped. RMS is on the left.

    Zoran has slightly longer hair, and he looks less… “positive”.

  4. The swapped labels are a standard form for a regular features called lookalike in the British satirical magazine Private Eye.

    Private Eye routinely does comparisons to bad or even truly evil people. Here are a couple examples:



    I’m sorry if I offended anybody. I’m in Serbia at the moment, I understand the Chetnik’s have done, and am in no way trying to support them. I thought that would be clear.

    I just found the picture when I was googling around for an example picture of the hat.

  5. This is your blog, do whatever you want. I just want to say I fail to appreciate this particular facet of your humor.

    Then again, I can think of a few things that would be considered humor in most of Europe, but racism/sexism in the US.

  6. As I already said, Mark, this was certainly not meant to offend or to imply anything about either person. This is my blog but I also want to be sensitive to others.

    I’ve posted (admittedly less controversial) lookalikes for other members of the free software community in the past:


    And even of myself:


    The model for these lookalikes (Private Eye) is British, not USian, but I understand that these things don’t always translate between cultures or individuals. After all, Private Eye is plenty controversial in Britain.

    Thanks Mark, Marko, and Anonymous, for your feedback. I’ll try to be more considerate in the future.

  7. “That’s pretty poor taste, considering the atrocities that the Chetniks committed in the most recent Balkan war.”

    The real poor taste is occidental propaganda against Serbian people…

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