Pregnant with Suspense

A couple days ago, I woke up to this exciting series of text messages from a unfamiliar phone number.

Text messages describing the birth of a child, a picture of a newborn, and a response at the end asking who it is and if it was a wrong number.

Because I’ve not received a reply in the last couple days, because it was a Seattle phone number but I haven’t lived in Seattle for years, and because I don’t know of anyone in Seattle who was about to give birth, I’m pretty confident that this was indeed a case of misdirected text messages!

But whoever you are: Congratulations! I know it was a mistake, but that really made my day!

8 Replies to “Pregnant with Suspense”

  1. Why would they do an epidural after she’s dilated to 10cm?  The most painful part is over at that point, so it is an invasive procedure, and restricts possible delivery positions, for at best quite marginal analgesic benefit.

    Health care in the US of A.  No wonder they have a near-100% epidural rate.

    Plus: funny.

  2. At least we got to chat and you know it wasn’t me talking about Maria and Aran. :)

    PS: Maria got no epidural, and Aran never went below 115. :)

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