Hitler Mustache Video

In my infinite spare time, I think it would be fun to make a parody of an MTV style "documentary" about one day in the life a person with a Hitler mustache to show ridiculous that genre has become.

The video will be done with 15 second cuts and and with a bumping soundtrack by an eclectic selection of artists from the full spectrum of popular music. It will follow around a person for one day as they have a barber chisel out a Hitler mustache and then spend one day in that form. These scenes will, of course, be interspersed up with snippets from interviews with vapid onlookers, fashion gurus, and celebrities weighing in on all sides of the many "issues" that wearing a Hitler mustache raises. These issues might include:

  • Is it now or will it ever been long enough to make the Hitler mustache OK again? Did Hitler really ruin that mustache for ever and for everybody? Do fashionistas believe that this is that a good or a bad thing?
  • What about Charlie Chaplin and others who wore similar mustaches before or concurrent with Hitler?
  • In what sense does living with a Hitler mustache teach either the wearer or the public that "it’s what inside that really counts."

If you would like to donate resources or time to this project, please let me know.

10 Replies to “Hitler Mustache Video”

  1. Don’t … just don’t do it. It is NOT at all funny or anything. There is too much bad history involved as to “give it at try”. And I don’t say that because it would make fun of me but because it just is a really really bad idea and has a high, very high potential to go wrong.

  2. We’re so into goatees that I believe we’ve collectively, passively, revolted.

    OT?: So is a goatee or flavor-saver the essential equivilant reaction to a hitler `stache as the amish beard revolt against mustaches?

    Couid one convince RMS to shave his beard down to his philtrum?

  3. Igespee,

    No, I have a full beard now although the chin strip is substantially longer than the rest. The facial hair style in he picture only lasted for a couple months.

  4. How can I remove you from Planet Ubuntu? I don’t give a shit about the holocaust, facial hair or MTV and your post is just a fucking waste of my time.

  5. Thanks for having the guts to post with your real name/email address stove. ;)

    To answer your question, you can’t remove a single person for Planet Ubuntu. I’m sorry you don’t like my blog.

  6. I myself have a ‘hitler’ mustache. Around 30 or so people in the past 2 weeks have celled it as such, and only 2 people knew who Charlie Chaplin was. I find it amusing in a socialogical sense that people do, in fact, find facial hair offensive. My point is to get them to realize how shallow it is to associate a mustache with rascism. If that were the case, wearing white in any form would mean you support the KKK. Having a bald head would make you a skin head, etc.

    The mustache has been around for much longer than the WW2 era. It needs to be brought to the world’s attention that it is, in fact, JUST facial hair, and not a representation of one’s hatred towards another group of people.

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