Heading West

University of Washington Quad in Cherry Blossom Season

This week, I accepted a job on the faculty of at the University of Washington Department of Communication. I’ve arranged for a post-doc during the 2013-2014 academic year which I will spend at UW as an Acting Assistant Professor. I’ll start the tenure-track Assistant Professor position in September 2014. The hire is part of a "big data" push across UW. I will be setting up a lab and research projects, as well as easing into a teaching program, over the next couple years.

I’m not going to try to list all the great people in the department, but UW Communication has an incredible faculty with a strong background in studying the effect of communication technology on society, looking at political communication, enagement, and collective action, and tracing out the implications of new communication technologies — in addition to very strong work in other areas. Years ago, I nearly joined the department as a graduate student. I am unbelievably happy that their faculty has invited me to join as a colleague.

Outside of my new department, the University of Washington has a superb group of folks working across the school on issues of quantitative and computational social science, human-computer interaction, and computer-supported cooperative work. They are hiring a whole bunch of folks, across the university, who specialize in data-driven social science. I already have a bunch of relationships with UW faculty and students and am looking forward to expanding and deepening those.

On a personal level, Mika and I are also very excited to return to Seattle. I grew up in the city and I’ve missed it, deeply, since I left — now nearly half my lifetime ago! It will be wonderful to be much closer to many of my family members.

But I know that I will miss the community of friends and colleagues that I’ve built in Boston over the last 7+ years just as deeply. I’m going to miss the intellectual resources, and the intellectual community, that folks in Cambridge get to take for granted. That said, I plan to maintain affiliations and collaborations with folks at Harvard and MIT and will have resources that let me spend time in Boston doing that.

If you are curious what I’m going to be up to — and what the future is likely to hold in terms of my research — you should check the material I’ve put online as part of the job market this year. I’ve posted just about everything on my academic website. This includes a little four page research statement which describes the work I’ve done and the directions I’ve been thinking about taking it.

The academic job market is challenging and confusing. But it’s given me a lot of opportunity to reflect, at length, on both the substance of my research and the academy and its structures and processes. I’ve got a list of blog topics queued up based on that thinking. I’ll be posting them here on my blog over the next few months.

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  1. SO AWESOME!! Congratulations!! Both on the tt gig and getting to return to the best city. I will be sad to not hang out with you in Cambridge but super super happy to hang out with you in Seattle instead :)

    If I ever make my scheme to teach seminars at my alma mater (the iSchool!) happen, we will have to collaborate! Infiltration of future librarians ftw!

  2. Hell yeah Mako, that sounds great!! I mega look forward to enjoying some adventures with you and Mika in both Seattle and Portland. We shall be in touch! :)

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