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  1. Excellent response by Karen & Annina. I couldn’t think of a better way to respond, although a few not so great ideas came to mind.

    While I would never put the original sticker on my laptop (or anywhere) I would proudly display the one that Karen & Annina designed.

    My respect goes out to both of them,


  2. Three remarks.  First, I presume your real reason
    for posting the pictures was to display the original
    sticker.  Second, a forward slash (top-right to bottom
    left), technically a “bend”, indicates approval, so the
    joke’s on your friends; to ban something, it needs to slant
    the other way.  Finally, making a guy add a sticker to his
    laptop is an odd way to flirt.  I approve.

  3. 1. That doesn’t sound like Mako.
    2. I’ve never heard of the direction of the slash mattering–just that it’s crossed out.
    3. Or to embarrass him…

    HTML entities don’t work in here apparently.  Please delete broken version of this comment.

  4. Also, that Wikipedia link you pointed to says, “Whereas the “prohibition sign” has been so widely used in advertising and promotions that now any variation of the design flipped left or right or varied in hue is considered acceptable and recognized by the general public as a symbol of prohibition,” meaning it’s just fine to flip it around however you want and have it be understood.  It says nothing of it changing the meaning.

  5. Hey Mako, thanks for posting and congrats to all those involved, even the laptop owner.

    I’ve been bothered by a few things lately such as how local government elections are run, a site that excludes anything but IE (http://www.elections.org.za) and other issues and have been wondering how to be a positive influence.

    This has just given me so many ideas.  Thanks :)

  6. One last remark… is this sticker meant to be popular?  Are you trying, by this effort, to create the impression that feminism (or, perhaps, training up on feminism) is all about banning things?  ‘Cuz, you know, that doesn’t seem very inspiring.  Except to some people, of course.

    @Mackenzie: Thank you for the lexograph.  Maybe you’d better get that entered into the Urban Dictionary posthaste.

    @Giovanni: Hey, your name means young!  There are other, better things to do with cars parked badly.  I proudly recall helping an antique curio-shop owner in Portland get a car whose alarm siren had been howling in front of her shop for a half-hour towed by the police.  (The curios were antique, not the owner.)  I like to imagine the tow truck driver found that the traffic on the route to the lot got out of his way.

  7. Mako, thanks for sharing this.  Mind if I repost?

    @Giovanni: A campaign to get motorists to wise up would be great.  I’m still sweating from my last bike commute this week, and am angry that (despite explicitly following all rules, and having set out with the goal of avoiding confrontation) I’ve been nearly hit and yelled at every day this week.  It’s almost a truism to say that there are many cyclists out there that’d join the cause.

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