Revealing Errors OSCON Keynote

When I gave a Revealing Errors talk at Lug Radio Live USA, I had the misfortune of being up against Robert Love’s talk on Android which many people at the conference wanted to see — myself included! One person who showed up to my talk anyway was Allison Randall. She was apparently entertained enough to invite me to give a short version of the talk as one of the keynote presentations at OSCON 2008!

In the talk, I covered the ideas behind my Revealing Errors project and quickly walked through a few examples that showcase what I’m trying to do. I’m happy with the result: a couple thousand people showed up for the talk despite the fact that it was at 8:45 AM after the biggest "party night" of the conference!

For those that missed it for whatever reason, you can watch a video recording that O’Reilly made and that I’ve embedded below.

A larger version of the Flash video as well as a QuickTime version is over on and I’ve created an OGG Theora version for all my freedom loving readers.

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  1. The long version is similar but with lots more examples and a little bit more time spent on background and such. The recording made didn’t really come out, unfortunately, but I might take some time to make a recording and post it online soon.

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