You’re a Star

I think that if you want to secretly insult somebody, you should call them a star. People tend to only think of stars in the sense of being refulgent or luminary. I think that the term star could just as accurately be used to imply that you think that the person is a giant ball of gas or hot air. The person being insulted will never guess.

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  1. In this case, the “hot air” definition of star applies very well to my old high school ( ).

    The name given to any team was the “Carney Stars”.

    I guess a large part of the irony for me is the fact that most of the time, the teachers would say we ( the student body ) had a large say in how our school is run ( ie, the student council ), despite what would actually happen ( nobody runs for, or is bared from running for student council, so a group of brown nosers are chosen by teachers to be the student council ).

    ps, I don’t know if html formatting is allowed in the comments or not, so if all of the paragraph tags show up, or this comment looks horrible, many appologies.

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