Yet Another GPLv3 Article

I’ve finally recovered from hosting a significant (in quality and also in quantity) chunk of the GPLv3 conference in the Acetarium. Over the last week, I’ve taken some time to reflect on and digest some of the license itself and, more importantly I think, the process by which it the license is being evaluated.

While most of us try not talk about the products of our digestion, I’ve put together an essay with some of my thoughts on the issue. In particular, I talk about what I think is really at stake in the GPL revisions process and how we, as a community, can best proceed to the best possible license.

The article is currently a feature on Newsforge. Comments and feedback are welcome!

3 Replies to “Yet Another GPLv3 Article”

  1. Very well written, many people do not look at the assumptions the arguments are based upon before arguing and this article does a very good job of bringing attention to the basics of the floss ideology.

    P.S I have no idea why dude but your blog requires a cookie for me to make a comment. I have simply forgone writing a comment sometimes, because of the 6 clicks required to allow a disallowed cookie (I know its lazy on my part). No biggie but wished you would reconsider your cookie policies.

  2. Thanks for the feedback.

    The cookie is required as part of the CAPTCHA. I am still meaning to replace the CAPTCHA with something else accessible to sight-impaired readers but have yet to find anything that worked even remotely as well. Sorry that this is a pain for you.

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