Wizards of OS 4

I’m in Berlin for just over 48 hours to give a workshop at Wizards of OS 4.

The workshop is Free Content Licensing: Success, Challenges and the Way Forward and will be a conversation between myself, Lawrence Lessig, and Paul Keller from Waag Society and Creative Commons Netherlands.

When I first published Toward a Standard of Freedom (my first article that was critical of Creative Commons) a couple years ago, I received an email from someone at Creative Commons within two hours of posting the note. The email pointed out that I had incorrectly licensed my work as the CC license I applied to my essay had the old mailing address for CC. I thanked the mail’s author for pointing out my mistake but asked if, perhaps, she or someone else at CC had anything to say about the content of the article itself which was, after all, about her organization’s work. I never received a reply.

To date, I have not been able to engage in meaningful public discussion of my criticism of CC with CC, although I have tried several times.

I’m thrilled that Volker Grassmuck and the Wizards of OS organizers have been able to put together this opportunity to start what I hope will be a longer conversation with people at CC about some of what some of us perceive as tactical shortcomings of the CC approach. It can only make our movements stronger.

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  1. Luis,

    I wrote up some things in the airport on the way back. I’m processing them and thinking about it now and will post at least one post, probably a couple, over the next week or so.

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