Wikimania 2007

I’m in Taipei this week whole week for Wikimania 2007. I’m here for two days for a retreat of the Wikimedia Foundation board of directors and advisory board. I’m also going to be giving two and a half talks in the conference itself, attending a Debian birthday party, and perhaps giving a talk on Ubuntu at ITRI.

Here are the overviews of my talks at Wikimania:

  • Freedom’s Standard Advanced (2007/08/03 10:30): Mostly a reprise of a couple talks I’ve given recently that make the case for a definition of freedom and for the Free Cultural Works Definition in particular.
  • Supporting Collaboration in Branched Articles (2007/08/05 13:15): I’ll be unveiling my thesis work: a wiki that allows for branching and merging. It is built on distributed revision control concepts and tools (i.e., Bazaar) and includes a text-specific merge/conflict resolution system designed for writers. The tool has important potential for offline wiki work, stable versions, and collaboration among forked articles within and between wikis. Think ikiwiki but with distributed revision control and all the branching and merging that goes along with it. I’ll be posting lots more information and source here in the coming month.
  • Election Committee (2007/08/04 14:30): I’ll be joining the rest of the Wikimedia Election Committee and talking a bit about the last board elections and about how we might handle things like election methods in the next election.

Details on Debian’s birthday party are online too which will have talks, food, beer, and more.

As always, get in contact if you want to meet up or just find me at the conference.

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  1. I haven’t been able to find a single page for information on your software for “Supporting Collaboration in Branched Articles,” so I’ve created a page on Meta, Supporting collaboration in branched articles. Please have a look when you can and add to it, including examples of branched wikis maintained by the software, if it’s already in use.

    It would be great to have a forum for asking questions, making suggestions and sharing results with other users – but perhaps it’s better to avoid having yet another site for people to log into and check. Do you want to nominate a relevant forum where all such posts can be made?

    Really looking forward to using this software!

  2. when I said couldn’t “find a single page” I meant there are a few pages, but no single central page that explains things, gives updates and links it all together. :-)

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