Last November, I used a Venn diagram to complain about (and explain) the fact that there while there were several RFID blocking wallets for sale, they were all made of leather. Many people, who like me prefered to eschew leather wallets, left comments, blogged, and emailed me in strong agreement.

Mike Aiello, the proprietor of DFIRWEAR, found my blog. He emailed me not longer after my post to tell me that he had started looking into vegan materials to make a wallet that would fit my needs! Today, a vegan RFID-blocking wallet made it onto his site and is now available to be ordered!

It’s very exciting to see that what started out as a mild and humorous expression of dissatisfaction could quickly culminate in the creation of a new product.

Mika and I each just ordered one. If you care about your privacy, you should too!

5 Replies to “Victory!”

  1. I was starting to investigate this matter, because one country required my country to make RFID passports too.

    Are these shielding wallets really efficient?

  2. As far as I know, these wallets are extremely effective. I will test my own wallet out, of course, and leave a comment here when I do.

  3. I’ve had the wallet for some time now and I’ve been very happy with it.

    The inside ID holder is a bit fragile so you need to be careful bringing it in and out. That said, the wallet itself is solid. I’ve had it in my pocket all day every day for the past year almost and it looks almost as good as it did the day I got it.

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