Upcoming Talk at XIV CNEIS in Manizales, Colombia

After a last minute offer and an impulsive decision, I arrived today in Manizales, Columbia for the XIV Congresso Nacional de Estudiantes de Ingeniería de Sistemas and its co-conference, the IV Congresso Internacional de Software Libre GNU/Linux. I’m one of a small number of international speakers they’ve shipped in. I’ll be speaking about Ubuntu and about customizing and building on Debian this Thursday March, 17. See the conference schedule for details. Notes and slides will follow.

At the beginning of the trip here, airport security spent more time checking my backpack than I spend packing it. At the end, landing in Manizales was the first time I’ve been on a flight where the degree of mountain dodging would have qualified it as a "difficult" level in a computerized flight simulator. It’s my first time in Colombia and it’s been great so far.

Short of RMS, I don’t know many attendees. If you’re going to be around, get in contact with me or just find me and introduce yourself.

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