The Recalcitrant Cork

This Saturday, I had the "opportunity" to open a wine bottle without a corkscrew. While the process is straightforward, many people seem to be stumped by the problem. Given that I’ve done it several times, I was able to educate my guests in the process of opening the bottle.

My friend Greg thought it would be nice to document the experience and arranged and directed an educational photo-narrative starring myself and Mika. He completed the piece and added titles to tie the whole thing into an educational photo documentary he’s called The Recalcitrant Cork.

For those who just want to learn how to open a bottle sans corkscrew, I’ve quickly written up an addendum in the form of technical notes that some people might find useful.

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  1. Dudemeiter!
    Funny! But my sensei was from a different school.

    “Gently tap the base of the bottle against stump of tree or other solid wood object you must. Cork works way out of  bottle neck until grabbed by teeth it can be.” –Matsuda De-Boos

    Funny but!

  2. I tend to follow the Hal technique above, it’s way more elegant, you can also use a pice of cloth or similar to amortiguate the hits and hit the bottom of te bottle rather hard against a wall or some such (it brobably works also against something horizontal, but I haven’t tried it) and the cork will start to come out. Repeat until you can grab it with your fingers, pull cork, enjoy, profit.

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