The Real Reason Behind the Fall of the Roman Empire

I usually only shower ever day or two unless I am sweaty, dirty, or smell bad. This seems very sensible to me.

Several days ago, under criticism by Mika, I defended this behavior by arguing that the fall of the Roman Empire was brought on by the fact that Romans took too many baths. Now many people argue that Roman decadence, of which Roman baths are a major example, was a leading cause of the fall but I used the term "bath" quite literally.

I argued that the Romans were overzealous bathers and we’d be wise to learn from them if I intend to avoid their fate.

The truth aside, I thought this was an excellent argument.

Author: Benjamin Mako Hill

Rebel with rather too many causes. And your host!

3 thoughts on “The Real Reason Behind the Fall of the Roman Empire”

  1. The Roman Empire fell because they invaded Iraq or something like that. Or maybe because of all those barbarians looking for a place to take a bath. Orrrr maybe they couldn’t pay the heating bill for all that hot water.

  2. Exactly!
    The Roman Empire fell randomly, haphazardly, willy-nilly, arbitrarily, and every which way because of historical and histerical attrition.

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