Talk To Fork Or Not To Fork: Lessons From Ubuntu and Debian

As I mentioned recently, in what became a small European tour, I gave a number of versions of a technical talk based around a paper on Ubuntu and the way we build our distribution on top of Debian.

To Fork Or Not To Fork, was presented at LinuxTag, Libre Software Meeting and What The Hack. As I said last time, the talk describes some aspects the way that Ubuntu is developed as a Debian derivative and some reasons folks from a wide range of different Free Software projects might be able to learn something from our experience.

The talk is aimed at a rather technical audience of free software developers. Hopefully, this fills a void by acting as an Ubuntu talk that is more technical than the standard Introduction to Ubuntu without limiting its appeal to only current or prospective Ubuntu developers.

Although I gave this talk several times, I’m just including a single set of notes and slides. These are the versions from the third presentation at What The Hack. You can get the talk slides and notes in the formats listed below.


Talk Notes:

3 Replies to “Talk To Fork Or Not To Fork: Lessons From Ubuntu and Debian”

  1. Gosh, that really was a European tour.

    While we in SpamAssassin generally have good relations with our packagers for various distros, it would be good to be able to discuss packaging, patches, and so on with various distributors.

    I was under the impression there was no forum for that kind of conversation for “upstream developers” to talk to you guys in the distro community — but clearly I’m wrong, looking at those slides!

    Where should I be looking?  Both physically (what conferences are relevant) and online (lists)?

    PS: and yes, the key holder needs a bit of explanation ;)

  2. The Hotel key is a (rather famous) example of a technical solution to a social problem. My making the key huge, hotels try to make people less likely to forget that they have it and walk away with it. At least in the US, the gas station key is the same sort of example.

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