With the help of open clipart, I made my first webcomic!


On a related note, Mika and I will be holding something of a mead market this Saturday to celebrate moving into our new place and the grand opening of the Acetarium 2.0 (and its new Web 2.0 webpage). We’ll also be celebrating my finishing up my degree at MIT and the end of Mika’s first semester at HSPH. If you know us, are local to Boston/Camberville, and haven’t been invited yet, it’s probably an oversight. Contact me first and we’ll work it out.

2 Replies to “Sweet!”

  1. Cool.

    You should probably see if dafont.com has a free/libre comic font to go with that.

    I have a outright hatred against using comic fonts for anything but comics.

    Though here you should…

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