Software Freedom Day Boston

It’s late notice but Boston area folks should drop by the local Software Freedom Day events today. It goes from 10:00-16:00 and is located in a great space in Chinatown. More information in on the wiki.

I’m teaming up with John Sullivan of the FSF to talk about free software on in your pocket on unexecpted platforms. We’ll show off CHDK (for cameras), the FreeRunner (a phone), and probably also talk about RockBox, iPodLinux, and more. It should be laid back and fun!

The whole point of SFD (and this SFD event in particular) is create a space that’s appropriate to folks that don’t already know about free and open source software and that aren’t necessary technical. If you are a hacker or an advocate, show up and meet some like minded folks and introduce new people to the ideas that inspire you. If you are just curious about this stuff this event is designed for you.

If you’re not in Boston, check the SFD webpage. There are hundreds of events around the world and may even be one near you!

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