Small Subgroup of a Small Subgroup

With the new Charlie Card coming out, it seemed like it was about time to obtain an RFID blocking wallet. I liked the idea of buying a nice off-the-shelf wallet but the only pre-made RFID-proof wallet I’ve found is made of leather. I’d like to buy a vegan wallet.

Here is the Venn diagram describing my problem:


If you know a wallet for those of us in the purple zone, leave a comment or let me know. Otherwise, I suppose I’m going to have to make my own.

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  1. I think given the fact that many vegans tend to be political, the overlap of pink and blue would be bigger than a sliver. 

    That said, I too have need of a such a contraption.  Maybe someone could pitch the idea to thinkgeek.

  2. one good thing for potential manufacturers: the people who are actually in that tiny sliver (which includes me) are more likely than the average person to be able to afford a premium-priced wallet.

  3. may be able to do something up… they do rather nice vegan wallets (where I’ve gotten mine from) – although haven’t had to go the RFID proof one yet.

    they may do a custom order though – they do for shoes.

    in my city too – so we could get the LUG guys down there and try things out too.

  4. btw – you’re not the only one in that purple zone there. Probably going to be needing a passport holding case that’s RFID proof in the next few years too – I luckily just missed out.

  5. DIFRWear is putting together a Vegan Friendly wallet!

    Give us about a month, it takes us quite a bit of effort to introduce a new material.

      Mike Aiello, Founder DIFRWear

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