Small Subgroup of a Small Subgroup

With the new Charlie Card coming out, it seemed like it was about time to obtain an RFID blocking wallet. I liked the idea of buying a nice off-the-shelf wallet but the only pre-made RFID-proof wallet I’ve found is made of leather. I’d like to buy a vegan wallet.

Here is the Venn diagram describing my problem:


If you know a wallet for those of us in the purple zone, leave a comment or let me know. Otherwise, I suppose I’m going to have to make my own.

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  1. I think given the fact that many vegans tend to be political, the overlap of pink and blue would be bigger than a sliver. 

    That said, I too have need of a such a contraption.  Maybe someone could pitch the idea to thinkgeek.

  2. one good thing for potential manufacturers: the people who are actually in that tiny sliver (which includes me) are more likely than the average person to be able to afford a premium-priced wallet.

  3. may be able to do something up… they do rather nice vegan wallets (where I’ve gotten mine from) – although haven’t had to go the RFID proof one yet.

    they may do a custom order though – they do for shoes.

    in my city too – so we could get the LUG guys down there and try things out too.

  4. btw – you’re not the only one in that purple zone there. Probably going to be needing a passport holding case that’s RFID proof in the next few years too – I luckily just missed out.

  5. DIFRWear is putting together a Vegan Friendly wallet!

    Give us about a month, it takes us quite a bit of effort to introduce a new material.

      Mike Aiello, Founder DIFRWear

  6. I’ve been thinking about this too, and the thing that keeps coming to mind is the cigarette case (with built in roller) that my friend Malcolm Robertson carries his Chesterfields around in.

    I wanted to show my wife what it looks like, so I did a google image search, and lo and behold:*/product/WALLETINFO

    These folks seem to be selling stainless steel cigarette case wallets.


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