Second Degree Famous

I got an email from my friend Mary Lou Jepson of OLPC and Pixel Qi. Turns out, she was in line for the red carpet at the Time 100 awards and was chatting to my friend moot of 4chan. Both were singled out as among the world’s 100 most influential people this year. As they chatted, they realized that they both knew me. They chatted about me as Whoopi Goldberg, Cornell West, Kate Hudson, Barbara Walters and others walked by.

I feel like in in a weird, very indirect way, I’ve made it.

2 Replies to “Second Degree Famous”

  1. “Whoopi Goldberg, Cornell West, Kate Hudson, Barbara Walters”

    I’ve heard of Whoopi Goldberg, and Kate Hudson, but … googles … maybe you are more famous than them outside America.

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