Although I don’t mean to brag… I have a really great scarf-hood-combination garment.

I was wearing said awesome scarf in a rather cold apartment during my remote participation in the Learning Creative Learning class.

I would like to think that I said some interesting and insightful things. But if I didn’t, I’m glad to hear my scarf — which now has its very own sub-reddit — was able to impress and entertain.

2 Replies to “SCARF ACE”

  1. Your combo is both flamboyant and distinctly Game of Thronesy/Elvish, but I’m in the market for a more restrained schoodie myself. Any ideas know where i can get one in black and tartan?

    1. You could make one VERY easily. (1) Find a scarf that is of a fabric of your liking and is long (probably 220cm or so) that is also wide (20-30cm). (2) Fold it half. (3) Start sewing from the bend/half point down for maybe 20cm. Reinforce the bottom of the seem because it will be pulled apart there as you were you.

      Then you’re done!

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